• Karimnagar, Telangana

  • contact@explorica.in

  • 9160936655



Infirmary with a nurse and first aid equipment, All our staff is First aid qualified, Linked to Orchid hospital for emergencies


“Exclusively designed facility to provide world-class experience to young learners” Dedicated campus manned with security guards, All staff screened thoroughly, references are verified.



Hard/rough areas accessible to children are installed with soft cushion panels. No sharp edges, only curved edges. Paints used across the facility have Zero Volatile Organic Compounds (Zero VOC). Only non-toxic toys used, Wicket gates to protect a child’s movement. Lift always manned by an attendant. Fully functional smoke & heat detectors, fire extinguishers and emergency exit.


Modern wash areas equipped with age-appropriate fixtures, hot/cold water supply. Mechanical ventilation system to remove any allergens, pollutants, moisture and ensure better air quality. Toys, furniture are non-toxic and are sanitized daily. Air-conditioned facility with temperature control for individual areas.